European Society for Ecological Economics Conference | ESEE2019


Co-creation in Ecological Economics

International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics 18-21 June 2019, Turku, Finland

Since its foundation in 1996, the European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE) has promoted transdisciplinary research on the theoretical and practical prerequisites of sustainable development.

In 2019, ESEE will hold its biennial conference in Turku, SW Finland. In the historically beautiful and intellectually stimulating setting, we will discuss recent developments in the behavioural, social and institutional theories in ecological economics through the practical environmental and developmental concerns that matter the most.

The 13th International Conference of ESEE in Turku will focus on the ongoing co-creative turn in ecological economics, environmental policy studies and sustainability sciences in more general.

A call for sessions and papers will be opened in the Autumn of 2018.


Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

Juha Hiedanpää, Research Professor in Natural Resources Policy, Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE) ( (chair)

Ralf Eriksson, Dr, Ecological economics, Senior Lecturer (emeritus), Åbo Akademi University

Nina Janasik-Honkela, Post-doctoral researcher, Environmental Policy Research Group EPRG, University of Helsinki, ESEE contact person for Finland

Pia Nurmi, Turku University of Applied Sciences

Markku Oksanen, Dr, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Eastern Finland

Maarit Perkonoja, Media expert, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Matti Salo, Dr, Social scientific biodiversity research, Visiting researcher, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Timo Vuorisalo, Dr, Environmental studies, University Lecturer, University of Turku

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