European Society for Ecological Economics Conference | ESEE2019

Summer School

We invite master’s students, postgraduate students and early-stage researchers who attend the ESEE 2019 conference to participate in the ESEE Summer School 2019.

The theme of the summer school is

Archipelago of ideas:
co-creating sustainability policies

The event will be held from 16 to 18 June 2019 on Seili Island, in the Turku Archipelago ( Senior researchers will tutor 30 selected students and promote discussions, experience exchange and self-reflection among the participants with the introduction of community engagement and participatory action research. The summer school will focus on integrated marine spatial and land use planning, with the aim of co-creating networks of sustainability policies reconciling ecological, economic and cultural values. Due to the boat trip to the summer school venue, arrival in Turku is expected on 15 June.

Further information about themes and the application process will be posted on

Photos: Triton Marin, Skärgårdskompaniet Oy Ab