European Society for Ecological Economics Conference | ESEE2019


Ines Omann

Ines Omann holds a PhD in Ecological Economics and is a part-time senior researcher at the Austrian Foundation for Development Research, Vienna. She has been working in sustainability science for 20 years among others at the Sustainable Europe Research Institute Vienna or the Department of Environmental Politics at UFZ, Leipzig, Germany. Her research centres around the themes of sustainability transitions, quality of life research, scenario development, transdisciplinarity and a good life for all. She also works independently as a moderator and facilitator in public participation processes and workshops aiming to bridge research and policy/society and thereby bringing knowledge into action.

”I understand co-creation as bringing the relevant actors together in an open, non-hierarchical and appreciative setting, which empowers them to bring in diverse forms of knowledge (cognitive knowledge but also lay knowledge based on experiences, emotional and intuitive wisdom) allowing for innovative ideas to emerge leading to as well as supporting a transformation towards a good life for all.”